How We Help

How We Help

Restoring Lives for Individuals and Families

Recovery restores. Our founders and staff have witnessed individuals stepping out of addiction into long-term recovery and thriving. Our goal is to walk with others as they do the same.

Kennedy Addiction Recovery Center assesses and treats individuals and families suffering from the effects of addiction. By supporting clients with a personalized, multi-disciplinary treatment approach, we assist each individual and their family with needs and challenges.

How We Help

Kennedy Addiction Recovery Center desires to help addicted individuals become functional, contributing members of society. We work with our clients and their families to restore normalcy and hope through treatment, enabling them to return to work and life.

The ravages of addiction deeply damage relationships. We empower our clients to regain independence and rebuild trust as through counseling, therapy, and training.

As our clients grow and change through treatment, they succeed in careers with higher pay and greater purpose because of Kennedy Addiction Recovery Center’s internship and job training opportunities.

Research-Based Clinical Care

Kennedy Addiction Recovery Center’s research-based clinical care programs include:

  • – Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – Group meetings, counseling, vocational training sessions and client-specific treatment needs

  • – Outpatient Treatment – Group meetings focused on relapse prevention and the 12 Step program

  • – Counseling – Individual and family

  • – Equine therapy

  • – Purpose Driven Internship Program (PDIP)

  • – Sober living apartments (opening January 2019)

  • – Interventions