Michael Patrick Kennedy, Sr.

Michael Patrick Kennedy, Sr.

Born the son of an entrepreneur, I have been working and creating ever since I can remember.

I was also born the son of an alcoholic and the dark cloud of addiction has followed me throughout my life.

I loved my dad and always wanted to be like him, except for the drinking, so to escape, I took an interest in marijuana. When I realized I was addicted to marijuana, I turned to my father.  He introduced me to a therapist who was very kind and effective. I thought I had overcome addiction.

But the next thing I know, I began drinking like a maniac.

By all appearances, I was very successful by this time. I had a beautiful wife, family, business, cars – you name it. I explained the drinking away as a reward for the success, but it was a time bomb and I knew it.  I was one day away from disaster every day, but what could I do? Life without beer? How could it work? I had already given up pot.

Finally, one day I was told not to come home because I was no good for our family. I called my brother for advice and he told me to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting see if I belonged. In October 2018, I picked up my 12-year chip.

Miraculously, I have found that life marches on without drugs or alcohol in my body. I recognized through my treatment, that we are human, we are only here for a short time, and there is a higher power that guides our lives – however you want to define it.

I have decided to surrender and, in the surrender, came the victory. I have humbled myself and through humility, I have found the power to be of service.

My great grandfather, my grandfather, my father, my brother, my sister, myself and my son are not victims of addiction. Instead, we are advocates for living with addiction. Addiction is real and it can be scary. However, we know that each day we can demonstrate that there is life after addiction.

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