Our founders have lived through addiction and worked personally with people seeking recovery, giving us unique insight into the struggles our clients and their families face.

We have walked the road of addiction and know a meaningful life can be found.

Founders’ Stories

Tim Weber, APS

I was born in Houston, Texas to loving, successful parents. My father was an Aerospace Engineer for NASA and my mother was a school teacher. I have two older brothers and, as a child, we all played Little League baseball and were a typical Little League baseball family… (Read More)

Michael Patrick Kennedy, Sr.

Born the son of an entrepreneur, I have been working and creating ever since I can remember.

I was also born the son of an alcoholic and the dark cloud of addiction has followed me throughout my life.

I loved my dad and always wanted to be like him, except for the drinking, so to escape, I took an interest in marijuana. When I realized I was addicted to marijuana, I turned to my father.  He introduced me to a therapist who was very kind and effective. I thought I had overcome addiction… (Read More)

Allen Rhinehart

A look back at my life brings me to one conclusion – God has done for me what I could not do for myself through His guidance and other people’s prayers, help, actions and suggestions.

I was raised in a loving, church-going family and taught good values and the right way of life by caring parents. They encouraged me to trust God, be honest, love others and work hard. As a child, I dreamed of growing up to work in a family business. This soon came true, then vanished as quickly as it arrived… (Read More)